Paving the Way to a Beautiful Property: Patios, Walkways, and Driveways

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Hardscaping – Why’s It So Important

As the market fluctuates and changes ebbs and flows, some constants stay in terms of what homeowners look for: updated features like appliances, no costly water damage, and that keyword of keywords – curb appeal.

Curb appeal is not what you find inside the walls; it’s that love at first drive up the driveway feeling. It’s that walk along winding pathways to get a closer look at the garden sort of love. It’s that sharp intake of breath when you see a gorgeous flagstone patio, complete with a glorious fire pit, ringed by a comfortable seating vibe.

What’s on the outside – aside from a well-kept lawn and flowerbeds bursting with vibrant blooms – is the most recent growing trend in what will make or break your home’s resale value. Hardscaping features like clean and smooth driveways, well-lit wandering pathways, and patios that pop with full outdoor living space features will help get you the beautiful property you want – and the envy of the neighborhood.

Partying Patios

Patios have been the party stop for homes for many years. Like centuries – even millennia – old. The Greeks and Romans had atriums, which was the blueprint for Spain to come along and realize what a fantastic gathering place this was, thus creating the patio. The mid-1900s in the United States saw an influx of outdoor furnishings. The classic American BBQ brought to the great outdoors on patios, making the first outdoor living rooms (BBQs even constitute early outdoor kitchens).

Today, we have leveled up our patio game bigger and better than ever before. The choice for outdoor furnishings to make your patio a comfortable space is almost as vast as indoor furniture – and weather-resistant, too. Patios have gone from plain to picturesque with creative use of materials to make them unique and discerning for any aesthetic.

When the patio is envisioned in most folks’ heads, they can’t help to picture concrete – durable, hearty, but kind of boring. Luckily, we have expanded our horizons and imaginations to include a wider variety of materials to create the perfect patio. Texture and color galore can be found within the brick, flagstone, or even marble that can make up your backyard oasis foundation.

One of the best things about the modern patio is its durability and versatility. Keeping your family safe and healthy is your top priority. All the surface types that we mentioned are great at resisting weather, pests, and fire challenges. In addition, a well-made patio, when maintained routinely, can last and last.

Wicked Walkways

Your professional landscaping team works hard to give you a space of green tranquility. Mulching your flowerbeds to keep them safe and insulated, mowing your lawns to just the right height at the correct times, and pruning your shrubs to look fabulous are just some of the essential maintenance tasks that come with giving your home the “it” look.

Hardscaping features are an equal part of this equation. Features like patios, fire pits, and pathways enhance your outdoor spaces tenfold. For example, when you create flagstone pathways, pavers, and brick to run through your property, you are giving yourself a host of benefits.

When created well and with the suitable materials, pathways can help you weather any weather. For example, walking through your yard to get from point A to B when it’s been pouring liquid sunshine from the sky, your feet getting soaked, and your shoes muddied can be avoided with a properly placed pathway.

Protecting your lawn from things like soil compaction is another excellent reason to consider creating walkways throughout your property. Too much traffic can hurt your lawn and flowerbeds, and pathways often help mitigate some issues with weed development as well.

One of the most extraordinary things about today’s pathways and walkways is how creative you can get in both design and materials used to create them. Gone are the days of asphalt and concrete as the end all, be all of walkway materials. Today, many have gone with materials like gravel, easy to create, easy on the eyes; flagstone, beautiful, textured, and whimsical; or natural stone like granite for a modern and clean look and feel.

Dazzling Driveways

Taking care of the surfaces that take care of us and our most essential belongings is important, too. We’ve talked about places in your outdoor spaces where we put our feet, furnishings, and even our BBQs. But what about where we park our cars, our home away from home at times?

Our driveways are how we know we are home. They give our cars a place to stay safe while we are in our homes. So we need to be sure this place is a long-lasting and durable spot – one that isn’t too hard on the eyes, either.

While the choices for driveway materials aren’t quite as broad as they are for other hardscaping features, they are not limited to asphalt alone. If regularly and adequately cared for, driveways of brick and stone can work well as a driveway.

Even if you are limited in how you can shape your driveway, with materials like gravel, you can line the boundaries of the driveway, to give it a clean look. Small retaining walls, large stones, or simple brick make it look stunning – and keep it functioning great.

It’s important to note that routine care must still be taken with all these hardscaping features, just like with your landscape. One of the most common and cost-effective ways to accomplish this is by having your surfaces regularly pressure washed and cleaned. This will help ensure that the residue of engine fluids, mold, and pests stay away from these surfaces – keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

Revolutionary Professionals

To complete this transformation of the hard stuff, you need to stage a revolution on your landscape. Revolutions aren’t made alone – you need an expert team that does it all and knows it all. You need a team that will provide the best quality experience and results. You need Revolution Landscape and Design.

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