Hard Facts about Hardscaping

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Hardscaping? What’s that? This is one of the most common questions we get asked by members of our communities.

Think of your landscape: rolling lawns of green, flowerbeds bursting with color, and wandering pathways. Focus for a moment on the pathways: if they aren’t made of dirt or grass, they are likely a hardscaping feature. Your patio, fire pit, and driveway? All hardscapes as well.

So what are the most important things to know about hardscaping?

Fact 1: Safer Spaces

Have you ever caught yourself tripping over cracked and broken concrete? Or maybe a tumble on the grass as a result of slipping after the morning dew had set in? All of these issues can be hazardous to your landscape and your person.

Hardscaping provides safe walking spaces throughout your landscape. Hardscaping can also help minimize things like fire hazards. In addition, things like walkways, patio, and driveways can be better lit with lighting than greener places like lawns.

Fact 2: Eradicate Erosion

Any landscape that has even slight slopes to it carries risk when it comes to rain. While we need rain for things like our plants, shrubs, flowers, and grass to grow, it also presents its own set of challenges. Dirt tends to loosen up with rain and get carried away.

When rain is abundant, erosion can occur. The least of the challenges with erosion are things like bare patches on your lawn and too much dirt flooding the street. However, one of the worst things that can happen with erosion is your foundation getting damaged or basement flooded.

Tempering your landscape with hardscaping can minimize the risk of erosion throughout your outdoor spaces. Since hardscaping includes retaining and seating walls, it is a great weapon to use against the threat of erosion.

Fact 3: Interesting Integration

On a level of aesthetics, integrating hardscaping into your outdoor spaces can provide excellent results. Some people like hardscaping so much, they decided to have the entirety of their outdoor space made up of stone, rock, and wood.

Many others choose to combine hardscaping and soft scaping to create texture and depth. Perhaps off your patio, you dream of a luscious lawn nestled next to your seating wall that surrounds your firepit. An outdoor kitchen waits for your chef’s mastery, bordered by flowerbeds that enhance the space with coordinating color. Whatever your dream is, hardscaping helps make it a reality.

Fact 4: Weathers Weather

Its versatility isn’t the only thing that makes hardscaping rock. We are no strangers to some pretty extreme weather here in Ohio, which can be rough on our landscaping. The hills and valleys of our properties can lead to erosion, the hidden dangers of snow mold, and clogged drainage systems.

The more hardscaping you have throughout your property, the better your outdoor spaces can weather our extreme weather patterns. There is much less risk of erosion and breaking drainage systems with hardscaping. The materials most hardscaping is made from are like extensions of our homes – made to stand up strong against any weather.

Fact 5: Minimal Maintenance

Maintenance of your landscaping can be tedious, nonstop, and costly. While investing in having a pro take care of this maintenance is consistently wise, it can still seem overwhelming. Weeding, mowing, and trimming need to be done routinely, and we all know that while routine is necessary, it can sometimes be dull.

Hardscaping takes so little maintenance; it makes it seem like a dream come true. Your hardscaping features may need a solid pressure wash conducted routinely – but instead of once a week, we are talking a couple of times a year. You don’t need an irrigation system for your pathways, so it reduces bills too!

Fact 6: Gifts Greater Game Nights

What would you think if we told you there was a way to significantly increase the size of your home without increasing property lines and costly renovation or building? We aren’t kidding – this is an entirely reasonable opportunity.

When you hardscape parts of your landscape, you create more than just erosion shields and safe walking spots. You are making a proper outdoor living space. Your entertainment and cooking area doesn’t need to stay confined within your four walls.

Bring the party outside with an outdoor kitchen, crackling fire pit, natural stone patio, retaining walls complete with comfy pillows and blankets. The stars can house your outdoor space in the sky, and the laughs and music echoing through the night with hardscaping.

Fact 7: Prop Up Property Value

One of the things we know you really want to know is what hardscaping does for our curb appeal? How much return on investment of hardscaping can you expect? Be prepared for answers that will bring a smile to your face.

Landscaping, in general, does fantastic things for property value. On average, most homeowners see a 10% increase in their property’s value with high-quality landscaping – and up! But what happens if you level up your outdoor space game by adding in some flagstone patios, natural stone fire pits, or smooth walkways?

The increases you can see to your curb appeal can be outstanding. Take that increase with landscaping – and double it. That’s right, an outdoor living space, beautifully appointed with a verdant green lawn, vibrant flowers, and contrasting walkways, patios, and more, can increase your property value by upwards of 20%!

Fact 8: Easier with Experts

Hardscaping can be an easy decision to make, a bit more challenging to design, and a ton harder to execute. There are definitive codes that need to be followed, materials that suit your landscape best, and lots and LOTS of elbow grease involved in installing the hardscape features of your dreams.

What you are looking for is a Revolution. Revolution Landscape and Design, your premier experts in outdoor home services for the communities of Powell, Galina, and Lewis Center, is proud to offer our years of expertise to your hardscaping project goals. Our service comes with professionalism, innovation, and open communication on every project – whether it be your hardscaping, landscaping, outdoor living spaces, and much more.

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