Breath of Air: Top Reasons Shrubs, Flowers, & Trees are Important for Your Space

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The Charming Trilogy

When it comes to your home and the landscaping surrounding it, it’s good to have a balance of varying levels to draw in good attention. Other than the grass itself, what sets a good foundation for a beautiful landscape are the three big ones: shrubs, flowers, and trees. These three facets can turn your lawn from bland to a green mini-wonderland! The trees offer shade and tall dimensions, while the shrubs and flowers provide a rainbow of color and little details to make your lawn pop. 

When it comes to good curb appeal, nothing sells a home to folks better than one that’s aesthetically pleasing all the way around. Of course, just some green grass and a couple of plants here and there isn’t enough to get your neighbors and friends talking – but add in a healthy mix of the three of these, and you’ve got a recipe for compliment heaven! 

Shrub a Dub Dub

When it comes to these types of greenery installments, you may be wondering if they’re worth it. Will they look good, do they do any good for my lawn, are they too high-maintenance? Luckily for you, the answers are yes, absolutely, and not necessarily! Shrubs offer an excellent middle level between the trees and the grass, and as far as care goes, that all depends on the types of shrubs you choose to have. Many hardy shrub types don’t require a ton of physical involvement other than the regular trimming yet still look fantastic. 

Shrubs themselves can do many wonders for your lawn itself too! They can provide shade if they’re big enough, improve the soil stability beneath the surface, improve air quality around your home, and even become homes or hideouts for various wildlife. This can help create a healthy, thriving mini-ecosystems right there at your home! Shrubs are not something to turn your nose up to; they can help your lawns in more ways than you ever realized! 

Not Just a Pretty Façade

There’s so much focus and the ‘green’ of your lawn, let’s talk about color, too. Nice trees and lush grass is something to be proud of, but there’s just something about having any sort of florals on your property that can really make it feel complete. Consider when you’re having landscaping done around your home, looking into flowers that will thrive well where you live too! 

Not just a pretty face, flowers also help draw in little friends that can help your lawn thrive. Birds, bumblebees, and butterflies all contribute to a beautiful garden. Pollinating, encouraging new blooms, all while having places to rest and hide from their predators – it’s like a haven for all of them! The best part is? You can feel like you’re living in a whimsical dream without having to travel far or throw on a movie to get there! 

Get Your Landscape Made in the Shade

You may have trees and large shrubs all along your property, but looks aren’t the only thing they’re useful for! Trees themselves produce much-needed shade, especially during those hotter months. The temperature in the shaded areas from these trees can actually be up to 20-45 degrees cooler than unshaded areas! So you’ll get not only a break from the glare of direct sunlight but the intense heat itself! 

Landscaping that includes shaded areas given by trees can really ‘up’ the efficiency of your lawn as a whole, depending on where you plan out where to have them planted or installed. For example, you can plan them out to be settled near the driveways to shade cars or pathways that tend to spend excessive time having the sun beat down on them. The same goes for patios and other areas as well! 

Let’s Clear the Air

Having a good-looking landscape doesn’t mean you’ve got to be cookie-cutter about it; you can design it in a way that suits your style and works efficiently for your home! As long as they’re located away from problem areas (such as irrigation lines, electrical cables, etc.), you can do just about whatever you want; it’s your home, and you should enjoy the views where you live. Of course, the same plants that work well for your neighbors may not be suited to your lifestyle and vice versa. However, they’re an essential part of having a functional and well-rounded landscape, giving off clean air and good vibes to anyone who resides there! 

It’s true, a lawn of 50 feet by 50 feet can produce enough oxygen to provide for a family of four for a whole day! Along with any trees you may have planted there, which produce about 260 pounds of oxygen per year! They also consume carbon dioxide, cleaning the air without doing anything except standing there looking beautiful. In general, having multiple levels to your property can pave the way for a self-sustaining, lovely environment you won’t want to get away from! 

The Wizard of Oz-some Landscapes

All of this information is amazing to have, but it’s hard to decide what to do with it all. This can get overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the time or resources to handle it all yourself. So what do you do then, wanting more for the outside of your home but not sure where to begin? You call the people who not only do this for a living but do it well the first time around! You’re going to have many people who claim to know how to mow the right way or trim hedges just fine – but you should put your trust into the people such as Revolution Landscape and Design who can do a little of everything (and by a little, we really mean a lot)! They have all the proper tools and knowledge to give you the landscape you’ve always wanted, without sacrificing quality to do so. When it comes to big projects like putting together all those flower beds, shrubs, and trees, make sure you have a team that can get it done in a way that does justice for your home and peace of mind! 

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